This is your Crew.

2020 is an exciting year for us: Sennheiser turns 75! We would like to celebrate this very special anniversary with you - our employees, customers, friends and followers. Because you are the people behind our achievements and fantastic projects.

The best of 75 Years

Free Online Webinars #DontStopTheEducation

Free Online Webinars #DontStopTheEducation

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Sometimes, life takes an unexpected turn. This is also true for our anniversary year: Since the beginning of the year the corona virus has affected everyday life in more and more countries. For us this means: Instead of many happy meetings with you, our customers and the Sennheiser fans, trade shows and events were canceled, and we had to temporarily close our offices in China. Now, we are taking precautionary measures at our headquarters in Germany and further locations. But somehow this situation also binds us together closely with our colleagues all around the world. Because no matter where – at home office, in divided groups at the office or in separated shifts in our production – we still work on creating very special sound experiences and unique moments. For you – wherever you are. #ThisIsYourSennheiserCrew

This month in Sennheiser history – July, 1971:

Not all products are born out of focus groups and intense market research. Sometimes all it takes is a good 'ol fashioned bet.

Sometime ago in the late 60s at the Sennheiser summer party, two development engineers made a bet. The engineer in charge of the dynamic microphone development team wanted to prove to the condenser microphone team that they were able to develop a dynamic microphone with the acoustic properties of a condenser mic.

As you would expect, this was no easy task. What made it different than other dynamic microphones was the complex acoustic-electronic and mechanic concepts requiring specific, tailor-made engineering solutions. Legend has it that the microphone was presented to the “Golden Ears” colleagues (those throughout Sennheiser whose passion and expertise of excellent sound made them uniquely qualified on such things) who couldn’t hear a difference between this new dynamic mic and a condenser mic.

That is how the best dynamic mic in the world, the MD 441 was born. Not only was that the most productive summer party in Sennheiser history, but the MD 441 is still made by hand in the same factory located at our headquarters in Hannover, Germany. #Sennheiser75

This month in Sennheiser history – July, 1971:


As part of our crew, we’d like for you to share your favorite Sennheiser memory, picture or video with us by using the #Sennheiser75 hashtag on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. Who knows, you might be featured on one of our channels!