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Artist Spotlight: Marc Lopes
Hailing from just south of Boston, Marc Lopes is an accomplished metal vocalist, songwriter, artist, and visionary with many years experienced in both recording and live performance. He’s currently the vocalist for ROSS THE BOSS Band (former MANOWAR Songwriter/Guitarist) and Dark Melodic Power Thrash band LET US PREY who’s debut record is coming in 2019, also the good times 80’s Metal/Hard Rock cover band KOBRA KAI which includes members of ANTHRAX, SHADOWS FALL, ACT OF DEFIANCE, former ALL THAT REMAINS andJASTA members.

Marc has also lended his voice to the legendary Boston thrashers MELIAH RAGE contributing vocals for their 2014 release “Warrior” in Europe. Marc has also worked along side on various projects with artists from Anthrax, Shadows Fall, FatesWarning, All That Remains, Act of Defiance, Vicious Rumors, and Dokken.

Vocally trained, Marc’s full range voice shifts from intense Halford-ish highs to Scandinavian Death howls, melodic to brutal, horror to beauty—a full spectrum that can tell the musical journey in song.

On the touring front, Marc has vigorously toured the last 2 years straight worldwide with Ross The Boss Band including the prestigious Wacken Open Air, Barcelona Rock Rock Fest, Rock Hard Fest, Alcatraz Fest to name a few, plus shows in over 25 countries. 2019/2020 and beyond will see heavy touring yet again.

April 2018 saw the release of the RTB record “By Blood Sworn” on AFM Records worldwide while charting at 54 on the German National charts. It’s looking to be a very busy 2019 and beyond of METAL for this ambitious artist......
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