SC 600
Quality speaks louder than words
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Stunning looks. Stunning sound.

Experience Sennheiser

With a comfortable fit that lasts all day and a solid sense of quality, SC 600 is built to sound superb, look stunning and outlast the competition - in even the toughest contact center or office environment. It’s a headset that says you put your people and customers first.

Experience Sennheiser

  • Outstanding sound for clear calls

    • With Sennheiser Voice Clarity for a natural listening experience and ultra noise-cancelling microphone for perfect speech output.

      Outstanding sound for clear calls
  • High-quality design crafted for perfection

    • Brushed aluminum and stainless steel components and unibody headband construction for maximum strength at stress points.

      High-quality design crafted for perfection
  • Convenient and seamless call handling

    • Proximity sensor (ANC variant) and in-line call control for easy call management.

      Convenient and seamless call handling
  • Easy to store and bring along

    • With fold-flat ear cups and carry pouch

      Easy to store and bring along
  • Exceptional wearing comfort

    • Leatherette ear pads for all day comfort and powerful sound.

Improved customer contact and productivity

Transcom experienced Sennheiser

“Customer contact has definitely improved,” explains team leader Kor Boelsma. “The fact that you can understand the customer perfectly, makes the conversation a lot more natural. Previously, you were more concerned with trying to understand what the customer was saying but this is no longer necessary. You can be engaged in the conversation and busy with the system at the same time, enabling you to help the customer all in one go.”

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Transcom experienced Sennheiser

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This program is limited to call centers with 50 or more headset users on location. Trial customers must have purchasing capabilities of 25 or more headsets on next order. You will have 2 weeks to evaluate your Sennheiser headset of choice. At the end of two weeks you will have the option to purchase the headset on site through your current vendor or to return it to Sennheiser.

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