The hallowed beginnings


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There are clubs that are just that: Clubs. And then there are clubs that are more than that. Clubs that stand for something. An idea, a movement, a feeling. That trend was founded by Pacha – and it still believes in it.

  • Author: Carlo Roschinsky
  • Photos: Pacha
  • Video: DJ Marketing and Communication Ltd.

Everyone knows the cherries. Bright red, two of them hanging next to each other, touching each other. Were you to create a quiz for logos and their brands, the M would stand for burgers, the apple for computers and the swoosh for sporting goods. And red cherries? They would stand for Pacha, and Pacha stands for party. For euphoria, hedonism, glamour and – yes, that too – sex.

Pacha has long-since become a franchise, the strongest nightlife brand in the world with almost 20 branches, in New York, London and Buenos Aires, in Marrakesh, Ischgl and Sharm el-Sheikh. The empire includes a record label, a fashion line, boutiques, boats, bars and restaurants – the whole gamut of merchandizing, worth an estimated 400 million. Hallelujah. But the epicenter of the entire concern remains Pacha Ibiza. It is both the beginning and the end, the most important club in the world. A finca that was still small in 1973, but which grew to greatness. Back then, it was in the middle of a wasteland, but today the area is a brand new city quarter, Ibiza Nova, not far from the yacht harbor.

“If electronic music were a religion, then Pacha would be its church,” the DJ Chuckie once said. In other words, quality is timeless and Pacha is a sacred authority. It is a pilgrimage site built on beats. The club music that works here works around the world. That is the Pacha Doctrine.

So what is the secret to its success? One could list off the obvious reasons. The five rooms. The stairs, doors and corridors, designed down to the last detail to please its customers, a group made up of normal clubbers and stars like William, Kylie, Kate Moss and the like. A glowing sheen in the beautiful shrine. One could also go through the club's program on the search for success. David Guetta's party series "Fuck Me I'm Famous," which has achieved legendary status, and Solomuns +1-Events, which offer an underground dance experience. One could also mention the new Playhouse Nights from stadium god Steve Aoki or the disco fury of INSANE, joined by MK and John Digweed.

All of that is fantastic and true, but there is another, greater truth. Similar to Berghain in Berlin or Fabric in London, Pacha has become larger than its name. It has long since ceased being just a club. Rather, it is an idea, an attitude, a lifestyle. You don’t go there because night has fallen, you go there because of what the night means – belonging. To the club, to the chain, to music, to Ibiza. That’s what it’s about. It means you’re part of the code. It’s enough just to say: I was at Pacha. (Almost) nobody asks how it was.

Més que un club, more than a club. It is a slogan that FC Barcelona once adopted to win followers the world over who couldn't even watch the games or who weren't necessarily fans of the team, but who shared in the idea. The Catalonian pride. It is a slogan that one can just as easily apply to Pacha, which never was – nor ever wanted to be – just party. Pacha has become what it always wanted to be and remained what it always was. It managed to do both. If you’ve been to Pacha, you somehow belong. Pacha is the FC Barcelona of nightlife. Més que un club.

Address: Av. 8 d’Agost, 07800 Ibiza
Capacity: 3,000
Dress code: As in all Pacha branches, there is a strict door policy. Dress to impress, chic and fashionable. Not only do you have no chance if you show up in shorts and a T-shirt, but you'll likely be ridiculed as well. Hours: Daily, doors open in the evening. In contrast to other Ibiza clubs, Pacha is open year-round.
Prices: A VIP table costs €200 and up, plus booking fee. Normal entry is €39 if you book in advance. Entry starts at €47 for Steve Aoki and the party series F*** Me I'm Famous starts at €79. Combi-offers are available, such as party entry plus a tour on the Pacha sailboat.