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in October

HD 200 PRO & HMD 300 PRO Series

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Celebrating 75 years of innovation we are offering special deals on selected products throughout the year. In October: Our HD 200 PRO, HMD 300 PRO and HMD 301 PRO. Up to 35% off, only while supplies last!
HD 200 PRO
HMD 300/301 PRO

Save up to 33% 
Only in October

HD 200 PRO

  • Outstanding, powerful sound reproduction
  • Soft ear cushions and headband for enhanced fit and comfort
  • Closed, around-ear design to reduce ambient noise

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Save up to 35% 
Only in October

HMD 300 PRO Series

  • Switchable ActiveGard to protect hearing for sound pressure levels above 110 dB 
  • Highest resolution due to accurate, linear sound reproduction, optimised for speech intelligibility
  • Comfortable padding design allows for extended use in long wearing sessions

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